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My profile photo isn't accepted

If your profile doesn't let you save your photo, you'll want to make sure you're entering the correct URL to a valid image file. Here are some ways you can check on this:
  • Enter the URL into your browser's address bar, to make sure that you can view the image without any errors.
  • Make sure the link you're entering begins with http:// instead of ftp:// or C:\ or file:// or anything else.
  • If you originally posted the image through Blogger, make sure that you're using the correct URL. Each posted image has two URLs that will be in your post; one will work and the other will not. To tell which is which:

    When you post an image and then look at it in Edit HTML view, you'll see code roughly like the following.
    <a href="URL-1"><img src="URL-2"/></a>
    There will, of course, be full addresses in place of URL-1 and URL-2. The first address, URL-1, inside the <a> tag, actually points to a separate HTML page displaying the full size image alone. This won't be accepted in your profile photo setting. The second address, URL-2, inside the <img> tag, is the address of the image itself. That's the one you need to use for your profile.
Additionally, you may want to verify that the image you're using meets the following guidelines:
  • It should be less than 50k in size.
  • It should be in a standard web image format, like JPG or GIF.
  • The full URL should be under 64 characters in length.

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